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Are you in Brisbane and looking for the best company that offers Zincalume Re-roofing services? You are in the right place! Vincent Roofing offers affordable Zincalume re-roofing solutions that do not compromise top-notch workmanship and long-lasting results.

Brisbane is a community mostly of older homes that tend to be more susceptible to re-roofing. Not only that, but harsh weather conditions can also contribute to replacing your roof. When it comes time to such need, Zincalume re-roofing is your best option.

Modern homes tend to use either Zincalume or Colorbond roofing over tiles. Colorbond and Zincalume roofs are lighter and low-maintenance compared to traditional concrete tiles. Our team at Vincent Roofing offers Zincalume re-roofing Brisbane services that are backed with 7 years of warranty. As trusted experts on Zincalume re-roofing Brisbane, we make sure that Zincalume is way more favourable than other products by providing a rundown of its benefits.

Zincalume Reroofing Brisbane



Benefits & Advantages of Zincalume Re-Roofing Brisbane

First of all, before talking about uses in the roofing industry, what is Zincalume? Saunter over to the internet to learn all about this extraordinary alloy or just stick with us for another minute. We’ll describe the roof sheeting metal in some detail. For starters, this is a corrosion-resistant alloy, a material that won’t rust. That’s a good opener. What else does this roofing material have to offer?

Roofing panels must be tough, that just stands to reason, right? The robust material, manufactured in panels, can’t sag or warp. If the metal does suffer from this degree of fabricator-interred deformability, it’s not meant to be used as part of a roof. No, these uppermost alloy strips can’t bow under the weight of snow or heavy rain. Imagine the leaks, the reduced lifespan, and overall substandard appeal of a metal shed if its roof used such a malleable metal. Requirement number one, therefore, means that Zincalume roof sheets must be rigid.

Returning to the corrosion-resistance issue, roof sheets typically arrive with a predetermined life, a period of functionality that dies when the metal oxidizes. What’s really needed, when a robust shed or warehouse is going up, is a roofing alloy that won’t corrode. Zincalume is the answer. This metal features a zinc, aluminium, and silicon base, an alloy-strengthened surface that’s four times more resistant to corrosion than galvanized steel. Built to endure when the weather turns harsh, hail bounces harmlessly off of this alloy while rain sluices away without causing any material oxidization.

All the benefits without any of the drawbacks, this aluminium alloy is stronger than galvanized steel. It also retains the lightweight features that make this metal so popular in the aeronautics industry, which means it provides plenty of structural strength but doesn’t weigh heavily upon the underlying walls of that building. Additionally, aluminium alloys can be painted, machined and formed easily, and they’re not priced to break a buyer’s budget. In other words, the aforementioned toughness and weather-resistance features are accompanied by a pleasing low-cost price tag.

You should consider ZINCALUME® steel for your re-roofing because the zinc/aluminium alloy coating on ZINCALUME® steel imparts corrosion resistance of up to four times the life of galvanised steel. Its features:

  • Durable and strong
  • One of the most thermally efficient roofing materials available today
  • Superior corrosion resistance

At Vincent Roofing, our Zincalume re-roofing Brisbane services are grounded on utilizing the best features of Zincalume. With a 7-year warranty on ZINCALUME® steel, you won’t have to be concerned about the product notwithstanding climate conditions of Australia. In ensuring the satisfaction of our clients, we make sure that our Zincalume re-roofing Brisbane services are carried out by Zincalume re-roofing experts who are licensed and qualified for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zincalume Re-roofing in Brisbane

Zincalume is a combination of aluminium, zinc & silicon and is a very durable metal. It has a lifetime of around 4-times that of any galvanized steel roofing and is designed to last. This durability factor makes it environment-friendly.

There is a misunderstanding that Zincalume is incompatible with galvanised surfaces. Zincalume is an alloy of aluminium and zinc, which are adjacent to each other on the galvanic table. They are, as can be expected, compatible in contact.

A Galvanised steel is coated in almost pure zinc while ZINCALUME® steel is coated in an alloy of approximately 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. … This sacrificial mechanism is similar to galvanised steel in the typical (thinner) product thicknesses used in roofing and walling applications.

Due to a phenomenon known as galvanic corrosion, some commonly used metals can cause accelerated corrosion when used with ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel. Stainless steel fixings and fittings containing copper should also not be used with ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel.

 ZINCALUME® steel can be readily overpainted. Prior to painting, the surface of the ZINCALUME® steel needs to be cleaned. This can be achieved using a mop or soft bristle brush with detergent and water. … Aged ZINCALUME® steel can also be painted.

To top all of that, Vincent Roofing provides for the finest Zincalume Re-roofing Brisbane services Australia has to offer. We  assure a complete Zincalume Re-roofing Brisbane service, which means that our team of experts will be with you from the initial assessment of your re-roofing needs, up to the final stages. We pride ourselves with our reliance, so we offer free quotes & discounts that will surely cut down your expenses without having to compromise the quality of our workmanship.

We promise budget-friendly Zincalume re-roofing Brisbane services with a 7-year warranty on labour and materials. Call us on 📞0432 660 047 to experience a hassle-free re-roofing project courtesy of  Vincent Roofing’s expertise!

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