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If you’re like most Brisbane home and business owners, you probably don’t really think about maintenance tasks like re-roofing until you’ve noticed a leak. But if you wait until there’s a problem, you’re setting yourself up for a mess (not to mention higher emergency repair costs).

We don’t wait for a leak to happen before we take action. With many decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the industry, we know how to ensure you get high-quality, leak-free, affordable, and safe service every single time! We also offer:

✔️ 6 Year Industry-best Warranty

✔️ Australian Made Products

✔️ Affordable Prices

✔️ $120 Off All Services

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How Do I Know If I Need Re-Roofing?

Many people don’t know that they need it until it’s too late and they’re experiencing a leak or other roof-related emergency. That said, there are warning signs that you can look out for, including:

  • Curled or cupped shingle edges
  • Bald spots or missing shingles or granules
  • Cracking
  • An old roof
  • Algae or moss growth

What Are My Options?

If you do decide to re-roof your home, we offer many attractive and cost-effective options, including:

What is the Cost of Re-Roofing?

The cost will always vary from structure to structure, and there are many factors to consider, including:

  • Material
  • The size of your roof
  • Labour costs
  • The angle of your roof

That said, here is a more precise breakdown:

Material Price
Metal $90-$120 per square metre
Zincalume $50-$70 per square metre
Colorbond $50-$80 per square metre

How Long Does it Take to Re-Roof a Home?

On average, it takes three to seven days to re-roof a home in Australia. That said, it’s important to keep in mind every step of the process, which includes:

Initial examination and preparation

First, we will go to your home to examine your roof, measure it, and identify any repairs that need to be completed. This will help us set expectations, give you an accurate quote, and get our team in place.

Repairs and prep

Next, we set up our equipment, determine safety precautions, and prepare the roof working environment


Finally, our team of experts will work to install the new roof. Once we are done, we conduct a final inspection to ensure quality and durability.

How Can I Identify a Professional Service Provider?

When it comes to something as important as your roof, you want to be sure to hire a qualified professional. For one, your roofer must be licensed. You should also ask pointed questions like:

  • Are you properly insured to re-roof my home?
  • How long is the warranty that you offer?
  • Do you have any references or example projects that I can look at?
  • Can you provide a written quote for the project?

If they can’t answer these questions, they may not be the professional you’re looking for.

What Warranties Do You Offer?

Along with safe and stress-free services, we also offer a six-year industry-best warranty, as well as:

  • Australian-made products
  • Competitive pricing
  • $120 off all our services (ask us how to claim your discount today)

Frequently Asked Questions About Re-Roofing in Brisbane

How many years do roofs last?

The longevity of your roof will depend on many factors, including the weather and the material you choose. That said, metal roofs can generally last for over 50 years, while Colorbond can last over 75 years.

Does the roofer need to come inside your home?

Typically, the roofer will only enter your home during the inspection to check for leaks and other signs that your roof needs repair. After that, they will remain on the exterior of your house. The right roofer will also use tarps and other barriers to protect your home from any wear and tear.

What areas do you serve?

We cover many locations in the Brisbane area, including:

  • Alderley
  • Ascot
  • Ashgrove
  • Aspley
  • Brisbane
  • Boondall
  • Bracken Ridge
  • Bridgeman Downs
  • Carindale
  • Carseldine
  • Chermside
  • Eagle Farm
  • Geebung
  • Hamilton
  • Holland Park
  • Indooroopilly
  • Kedron
  • Taigum
  • Virginia
  • Yeronga
  • Zillmere

Is this type of project worth the money?

In short: yes! There are many benefits, including:

  • Improved insulation: A metal roof, in particular, can help reflect heat off your home. This can decrease your temperature and save money on cooling.
  • Increased home durability: With professional service, you make your house more durable and able to withstand many elements, including rain, snow, and flood.
  • Warranty: Most roofs come with a decades-long manufacturer’s warranty, so you can have confidence in your solution.
  • Cost: This is more cost-effective than complete replacement, and it can save you money down the road.

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Apart from safe and stress-free services, we also offer a 7-year industry-best warranty, Australian Made products, and competitive pricing in all our services.

Call us on 📞0432 660 047 if you need the best re-roofers in Brisbane!.

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