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Warranted Metal Roof Restoration

Is your roof starting to look a bit weathered from, well, the weather? It might not have the lustre of a new install, but that doesn’t mean you have to start all over from Square (or panel) One.

Instead of pulling your roof down and replacing it, consider metal roof restoration instead. After all, metal roofs are often warrantied to last a minimum of 30 years. And with a proper installation and care, many can remain functional for 50, 60, even 70 years.

Restoration also has its own perks. It’s often cheaper than a complete roof replacement. It’s eco-friendly since you can repurpose the existing material. And it tends to be a quicker fix overall, too.

If you’re thinking that your worn roof needs some loving care, call us at Vincent Roofing. Our team is tops in all things metal roofing. From minor repair to full-on restoration, we can keep your roof working functionally while looking fabulous.

We also back all of our work with a 7-year warranty. No worrying about whether the restoration is as quality as a brand-new roof. Call us for a free, zero obligation quote on restoring your roof today on 0432 660 047.

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Restore, repair, replace? When roof restoration is the right choice

Let’s break down these three terms that look and sound similar enough to fluster even the savviest homeowners.

You’ll want to replace your roof if there are a number of places where the seams in the roof are corroding or rusting. Another clear indicator is that you’re noticing any number of major issues (leaks, cracks) and the roof is very much out of warranty.

A repair is great for small fixes that are isolated to just a spot or two on the roof. This can be caused from extreme storm damage or a rogue possum. Metal roof restoration in Brisbane is the middle ground when it comes to your rooftop. Your roof could be a candidate for restoration if you notice:

  • Rusty fasteners
  • Faded panels
  • Rotted wood trim
  • Spiking temperatures
  • Debris build up
  • Dented panels or flashing
  • Fungus or mold growth

Consider it a tune up for your roof that leaves the surface looking and working just like new. Restoration can make your already long-lasting roof last even longer. It can also enhance energy efficiency, improve impermeability, and confirm the structural integrity of the roof.

What to expect with a metal roof restoration

So how do you actually restore a roof? It’s more than just polishing up the panels (though a facelift is certainly part of it). Depending on the condition of the roof, a restoration project can include any combination of the following:

  • Pressure washing and cleaning
  • Checking for leaks and cracks
  • Roof plumbing check and cleaning
  • Replacing old fasteners
  • Replacing damaged sheets
  • Eliminating rusted or corroded parts
  • Refinishing or painting
  • Priming, coating, and sealing

Is roof restoration a lengthy process?

With so many possible steps, it can seem like a roof restoration is a massive project. But in the right hands, these projects can be completed fairly efficiently. The overall timeframe will depend on the size and condition of the roof itself, but typically, the entire process can take between 3-6 days. Expect 1-2 days for cleaning and prep work, another 1-2 days for the repair and maintenance work, and a final 1-2 days to apply finishes and coatings (with time to dry in between).

How much does metal roof restoration in Brisbane cost?

A giant asterisk goes right here because *there is no one set cost for a roof restoration project*

There are just too many different factors that can affect the pricing. Time, labour, and materials are the main contributors. And these are affected by the size and age of your roof, the current condition of the roof, and how much refinishing you want done.

That said, you can expect a restoration to cost between $2,500 to $4,000. To help a bit more, the table below breaks this down by home size:

Restoration Work Average Cost
Surface Cleaning $250 to $500 total
Painting $40 to $50/m2
Spot Repair/Patch $200 to $500 total
Sheeting Repair/Replacement $40 to $60/m2
Colorbond Refinishing $50 to $80/m2

What common issues pop up during a roof restoration?

When creating an estimate for your project, a specialist should do a thorough examination of your roof’s condition. However, some issues are hidden out of sight until the real work gets underway. During a restoration project, some common yet unexpected issues include:

  • Discovery of mould or other growth under the materials
  • Leaks making their way through waterproofing barriers
  • Pests or small animals making their home in the roof
  • Structural integrity compromised under fascia or within joists

What to look for when choosing a metal roof restoration service

Keep in mind that roof restoration is a specialty in itself, so you’ll want to be sure that when it comes to experience, the roofer you choose has worked specially with restoring roofs. Look at how long they have been in business and ask for customer references. When it comes to reputation, you can also check their ratings on sites like Google and Facebook.

Never work with a contractor that is not both licensed and insured to do the exact work you are requesting. You’ll want to get proof in writing of this as well as any warranties, quotes, or estimates for pricing (labor and materials). Make sure you are clear from the start regarding what is included, and what isn’t, in case some of those above issues become relevant to your project.

Let Vincent Roofing restore your roof

You could also look for the number and details for Vincent Roofing: 0432 600 047.

We’re licensed and insured experts in metal roof restoration and re-roofing in Brisbane. Our team can offer a free estimate and help you confirm whether restore, repair, or replace is the most cost-effective option for your roof. Whether your roof is zincalume, galvanised, copper accented, or Colorbond steel, Vincent Roofing can make it perform and look as good as new – all backed with a 7-year warranty.



Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roof Restoration in Brisbane

Can restoring a roof make it more energy efficient?

Yes, depending on what has to be done to bring your roof back up to standard. For example, some high-quality coatings can be added that not only look great but also boost your energy savings. A cooler roof can mean lower HVAC-related utility costs up to 30%. That’s a big difference especially during a blistering Brisbane summer.

Is a metal roof restoration going to raise my homeowner’s insurance?

You should definitely chat with your insurance agent about this one. On one hand, any home improvement can add value that could affect premiums. However, a roof with refreshed integrity will drive down energy costs, boost fire protection, and deter pests – all things that could help you save.

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