When it comes to roof maintenance, it can often be an “out of sight, out of mind,’ situation. But roof damage is unavoidable over time, and it can lead to significant issues like leaks, algae growth, mold, and other structural damage if left unattended.

If you think it might be time to reroof your house, here are the costs that you should expect and why.

When Is the Right Time to Reroof Your Home?

Before we dive into the details, let’s discuss the why and when of re-roofing your home. Generally, you will need to reroof your house after a certain period of time, and this largely depends on the material that you use:

  • If you have a metal roof, you should reroof every 40-60 years
  • If you have a rubber roof, you should reroof every 30-50 years
  • If you have wood shingles, you should reroof every 15-25 years
  • If you have composition shingles, you should reroof every 10-20 years
  • If you have asphalt shingles, you should reroof every 15-30 years

That said, these time frames only serve as a general rule of thumb. It might also be time for you to reroof your house if:

  • You live in an area that deals with severe weather, including harsh winters, excessive heat, or high humidity.
  • Your home has experienced severe wind or a storm, which could lead to roof damage.
  • You notice beams of light or streaks of water coming through your attic, both of which can indicate there’s a leak.
  • You notice cracks, damage, or buckling on your current roof.
  • There are cracks or leaks around points of entry, including skylights, chimneys, or vents.
  • You see moss, mold, or fungi on your roof.
  • You want to improve the aesthetic appeal and resale value of your home.

And, of course, you should regularly get your roof inspected to make sure there isn’t an issue that you haven’t noticed.

What Costs Factor Into Re-roofing Services?

If you notice any of these issues — or your roof has been left unattended for a long period of time, then it may be time to consider re-roofing. There are many factors that could affect the cost of re-roofing. These include:

The Material You Use

The first cost to take into account is the type of material that you use. Overall, you can expect to pay in th following range:

Material Cost
Sarking $8-$10
Concrete tile $40-$60
Steel $50-$70
Colorbond $50-$150
Terracotta $80-$100
Slated tile roof $200-$500

We focus more specifically on zincalume, metal, and colorbond roofs. This is because metal is a durable, flexible, and long-lasting option. It’s also easier to maintain and more affordable to install than tile options.

Your Existing Roof

You must also take into account your existing roof, as the costs also depend on the material that you’re replacing.

Existing Roof Material Cost
Metal skillion roof $5000-$10000
Tile $15000-$20000
Asbestos cement $15000-$20000

The Size of Your Roof

The size of your roof, in square meters, will also affect the cost. The larger the roof, the more materials, labour, and overall costs are required.

Repairs That Are Needed

If there are any repairs or replacements that are needed, you should also take those into account. For example, if you want downpipes replaced, guttering, or removal of materials like sarking insulation, these will incur additional cost.

Additionally, if you need roof cleaning services on a one-time or ongoing basis, this will cost you between $30-$80 an hour.

The Angle of Your Roof

The pitch, or angle, of your roof will also affect the overall costs because hard-to-reach areas will require extra equipment. Keep this in mind if your roof has steep slopes or sharp angles.

Installation Costs

You must also take into account what your contractor charges for labour. And make no mistake — you should hire a skilled roofer. There are many safety concerns, so you should hire a skilled team that:

  • Can provide you a written quote
  • Provides a warranty on their materials
  • Is insured to work in your home
  • Has ample references and recommendations

No matter who you choose for your installation, your roofers will either charge an hourly rate — which generally ranges from $50 to $80 per hour — or per square meter, which can range from $40-$60.

Conclusion: How Much Should You Expect to Pay For Re-roofing?

If you are thinking about re-roofing your home, there are a lot of costs and factors to take into account. Overall, remember to consider:

  • The professionals that you choose to reroof your home
  • The material you use and the size of your roof
  • Any other repairs or improvements that you need

And remember, the benefits of re-roofing your home — and improving the safety, aesthetic value, and life of your physical space — far outweigh the short-term costs of re-roofing.

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