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Durable Colorbond Roof Restoration

When looking for a roof that will last a lifetime, homeowners in Brisbane often turn to Colorbond solutions. These steel roofs are incredibly durable as well as thermally efficient. They also have massive curb appeal. That is until they start to look weathered from, well, the weather.

Just because your roof has lost its luster doesn’t mean you need a completely new roof. They are warrantied for decades but have been known to last near 60-70 years in many cases. It’s fair to understand that over the years, you can expect a bit of color fade. Restoration can fix that and more.

When it comes to Colorbond roof restoration in Brisbane, we do more than just upgrade the look of your home. We reevaluate the integrity of the roof and take measures to remove and prevent corrosion. Oh, and we make sure it looks amazing, too.

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What are the tell-tale signs that a roof needs restoration work?

Since Colorbond roofs are so durable, the biggest sign pointing toward restoration is more aesthetic than functional. The color on your roof can fade over time, leaving your roof with a lacklustre finish. This happens quite slowly, but once you start to notice it in larger swaths, it’s probably time to have it restored.

Mother nature can cause more than just a dull look. You’ll want to explore Colorbond roof restoration in Brisbane if you notice any of the following:

  • Stained sections
  • Missing hardware
  • Damaged sheets
  • Rust buildup

Leaving these issues to linger over time can begin to compromise the integrity of your roof and the substructure below. In all of these cases, restoration trumps much more costly replacement.

What are the steps included in a roof restoration?

A licensing contractor will start by assessing the extent of the damage and the materials needed including any replacement tiles, sheeting, or trim. From there, the steps could vary based on what your roof is made of. At a high level, you can expect:

  • Manual review and removal of any large debris or loose roofing
  • Wash the existing roofing to create a smooth clean surface
  • Replace or repair any deteriorated hardware or screws
  • Install new tiles or panels to remove overly worn or compromised sections
  • Apply new paint or coating for a fresh and even look.

How to tackle the restoration of your roof

Think all you need is a quick and easy paint job that you might even be able to take care of yourself? This is absolutely NOT the case for Colorbond roofing.

First and foremost, typical roof paint is not suitable for Colorbond sheeting – at all. Try applying this, and you’ll be left with a cracked, flakey, and faded finish in no time at all. You must use pait specially designed for this type of roof.

Second, the existing roof surface must be correctly prepared to accept the new paint. This almost always involved strenuous refinishing, cleaning, and fixing before anything can be applied.

To do all of this, including the actual paint job, specialized equipment is needed.

What to look for in a Colorbond roof restoration service

Going with a professional is a must have for this type of restoration work. As you look for a service in Brisbane, start by confirming that they are highly experienced specifically with this type of roof products and restoration.

You should also make sure that they will identify and resolve any roof repairs before the finishing touches are applied. Roof restoration is more than refreshing paint; it’s about ensuring the integrity of the structure, joints, seams, and hardware.

Here are some more questions to ask potential contractors:

  • Are they licensed and insured to work on your home?
  • Do they have customer references you can speak with?
  • Does their estimate include all costs including repairs?
  • How long will the roof restoration project take?
  • What kind of recoating do they apply over the color finish?

How long does it take to restore a roof?

On average, a roof with no major structural issues can take 2-3 days to restore. That said, any number of factors can lengthen the process.

Top on the list is a factor that no one can control: the weather. Roof restorations require optimal conditions to ensure worker safety as well as proper application of products. Too hot, wet, humid, windy, and so forth, and your contractor will delay the job until the weather cooperates.

Other factors that can prolong roof restoration include:

  • Replacing metal sheets or hardware
  • Working on a steep slope
  • Repairing leaks or cracks
  • Refinishing complex or large surfaces

What steps are involved with a Colorbond roof restoration?

Every restoration job will be slightly different based on the climate, conditions, size, and materials on the roof itself. But in general, the process for the restoration follows these stages:

  1. Asses the condition of the roof and underlying structure
  2. Repair or replace hardware or panels as needed
  3. Clean the surface to remove debris and buildup
  4. Prep the existing roofing with primer as required
  5. Paint the roof with an airless spray gun and specialized paint
  6. Apply additional coats in a wet-on-wet process

How much does it cost?

This is almost always dictated by the size of the roof. Estimates will consider the cost of labour as well as how much paint is needed to properly restore the roof surface. The average total cost to restore a roof sized 100-150 square metres is $2,500. Note that nearly half of this cost can be attributed to the specialized paint that is needed to do the job right.

You should always ask for a custom quote based on your actual roof before committing to a service. Costs will also vary if there are structural issues with the roof or numerous panels that need to be replaced.

Are there warranties for the roof restoration?

This type of steel is renowned for its 36-year warranty to protect against penetration and corrosion, so you never have to worry about the home below. Paint, however, notably wears over time. Some manufacturers offer a 20-year warranty against flaking, so if you’re still covered you may be able to rely on that coverage if you meet the requirements.

For the restoration, similar warranties on the paint itself may apply. Be sure to ask your contractor to use a Colorbond brand paint. The service may also offer a workmanship warranty to give you confidence that your money is well spent.

Why Choose Vincent Roofing

Your roof was an investment in your home and so is its restoration. At Vincent Roofing, we’re specialists in Colorbond re-roofing and use only the best compliant materials to get the job done right.

We back all of our re-roofing projects with a six-year warranty, and everyone on our staff works tirelessly to surpass all customer expectations. Homeowners in Brisbane rely on us for high-quality Colorbond roof restoration & roof replacement – and we deliver every time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Colorbond Roof Restoration in Brisbane

How long will my new roof restoration work last?

There’s no stopping the weather, but professional restoration that uses the right water-based acrylic membranes designed for Colorbond roofs can last 10-15. UV rays can start to fade paint colors over time, but choosing lighter shades can mask this effect while also keeping your home cooler. Improper cleaning or prepping of the roof surface before restoration can undermine this longevity with flaking or peeling.

Are some colours better than others?

There are 22 standard colors available to pick from depending on your design preferences. Unless you have your heart set on a certain colorway, you should consider these key factors when choosing a paint color.
Lighter colors will reflect the heat of the sun a bit better than darker hues if you are concerned about your utility costs.
Neutral or complimentary colors that blend into the neighborhood are usually more appealing to buyers.
Housing associations may restrict the colors you can choose from, so be sure to check those regulations first.

Do I have to clean or maintain my restored roof?

These roofs are designed to last without much additional care or maintenance. In most cases, rainwater will do the work and wash away any dust or debris build up. If you see dirt or leaves accumulating, you can rinse the roof with water or a light detergent to bring back its shine.

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