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If you’re looking for Brisbane’s most experienced Colorbond re-roofing professionals, you’ve come to the right place. At Vincent Roofing, our team of experts have years experience with Colorbond roofing, repairs, and replacements.

Over the years, we’ve also learned how to custom-tailor our services to meet your needs. We also offer:

✔️ 6 Year Industry-best Warranty

✔️ Australian Made Products

✔️ Affordable Prices

✔️ $120 Off All Services

Why does this matter? Because, when you choose our team, we want you to be confident that you’ve made the right decision for your home or business. The roof over your head is out of sight, but should never be out of mind.

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How Do I Know If I Need Colorbond Re-Roofing?

There are two main signs that your Colorbond roof is deteriorating:

  • Signs of leaks, including water stains on your ceiling
  • Rust or other signs of aging

It may also be time to consider re-roofing if you notice algae or moss growing on your roof, if you notice curled roof edges, or if you see that any ridge has come loose. Prevention is better than a cure, so consider a roof repair service today to catch small problems before they become much bigger.

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How Much Does This type of Project Cost?

If you’re going to re-roof your home using this type of steel, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5000 to $35,000, depending on various factors like the size of your roof, the angle of your roof, and the type of roof that you choose.

More specifically, the cost of these sheets can range from $20-$200 per square meter. Here is a more precise breakdown:

How Long Does Colorbond Re-Roofing Take?

Our wealth of experience has allowed us to gain significant knowledge regarding the installation process, so the entire process can be completed in a matter of weeks. With the skills and expertise of our professionals, we can assure you that we will meet the expectations of our clients and even surpass those said expectations.

Our Installation Process:

How Can I Identify a Professional Service Provider?

If you’re looking for a professional re-roofer, there are a few questions that you should answer about your prospective service providers, like:

  • If they have a proven track record in the area. Answering this question could be as easy as checking their website and client testimonials.
  • If they are fully licensed and qualified to get the job done. The professional you hire should always be licensed, experienced, qualified, and insured (and they should be able to easily show you the proof).
  • If they offer a warranty and insurance. Things happen, and you’ll want to make sure that the professional you hire stands behind their work, even after the job is done. The right team will offer you at least 5 years warranty as well as insurance.

What Warranties Does We Offer?

We offer a six-year warranty. For additional peace of mind, we also offer:

  • Australian-made products
  • Competitive pricing
  • $120 Off all our services

Frequently Asked Questions About Colorbond Re-Roofing in Brisbane

If you have a tile, terracotta, or concrete roof, there can be many benefits to switching to this type of steel. These benefits include:

  • Lifespan: While tile or wooden roofs can damage and crack — particularly in extreme weather — these roofs can easily last for 70 years or longer. What’s more, it’s much less likely to leak than other alternatives.
  • Safety: With other options, tiles can crack, water can pool, and algae or moss can grow. This can result in buildup and possible contamination — which, in turn, can decrease your home’s value and pose a health risk.
  • Maintenance: These roofs are relatively low-maintenance, so you won’t need to worry about cracks or replacements as often.
  • Weight: Colorbond roof is light, particularly when compared to an option like tile. This can reduce the strain on your home’s infrastructure (and even help keep construction costs down).
  • Temperature control: These roofs are installed with insulation blankets under them. These blankets provide ample protection and help reflect heat, keeping your home cool and temperature controlled.
If appropriately maintained, colorbond roof can last up to 100 years. This is in contrast to asphalt or terracotta roofs, which need to be replaced every 20-30 years.
After many years, yes, it does fade — especially if you pick a dark colour or after years of UV exposure. However, your roof can still look more appealing compared to other materials, and it will still be:

  • Pest resistant
  • Made in Australia
  • Easy to repair
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Energy efficient and fully recyclable
  • Resistant to cracking and other signs of damage

Yes, Colorbond is up to 90% lighter than tiles, making them a lot easier and faster to install.

Yes, it is energy efficient. It is lightweight, insulated and has a low thermal mass, allowing them to cool down quickly – and the result is huge savings on electricity cost.

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Apart from being the best at Colorbond Re-roofing installation, we are also experienced in roof repairs, restoration, replacement and maintenance.

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