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Polycarbonate roofing is a versatile, lighter option for smaller outdoor systems. While they aren’t tough enough to cover the roof of your home, they are an amazing option when it comes to garden and decking spaces.

Consider gazebos, decking, or pergolas that give your backyard visual interest and gathering spaces. You may want to add the roof to these areas but without the higher costs, maintenance, or weight of other materials. That’s where this roof shines.

We provide our clients with a wide range of polycarbonate roofing Brisbane sheet options. All of the sheets that we provide can be used for a range of residential and commercial projects. Our roof sheets can be used for projects such as greenhouses, conservatories, canopies, awnings, sunrooms, and outdoor patios.

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Polycarbonate Roofing Brisbane

What are the different types of polycarbonate roofing?

It comes in many different varieties, usually first defined by the shape or pattern of the ridges. There are three common design types:

  • Corrugated: Evenly alternating ridges and grooves with a wave-like pattern
  • Five Rib: Bold lines with thin ridges and sloping sides with a linear pattern
  • Greca: Flat top peaks and valleys create an angular pattern

Each of these design types is also available in any number of colours, tints, and transparencies. You can choose a single option for your entire project, or alternate different colours in the same design type to add visual interest.



How much does polycarbonate roofing cost?

Many homeowners prefer this material for outdoor roofs because it is more durable and lower maintenance than metal or timber. Happily, it is also more cost effective.

On average, this type of roof costs $15-20 per square metre for the material purchase. When it comes to the installation of the sheets, a professional contractor may provide you with a flat cost that takes into consideration the complexity of the entire project. However, hourly rates for installation range from $40-75 depending on the contractor.

What is the process for polycarbonate roofing installation?

There’s more than one way to install this type of roof, and existing structures can present their own challenges or requirements for the proper installation of the sheets. A professional contractor should always review your specific needs and make recommendations that fit your budget and your backyard. Here’s what the process we implement looks like:

  1. Consultation

    We will begin our work with an initial consultation where we learn your requirements and assess the shape and size of your project.

  2. Design

    With the measurements for your project, we will create a design and plan on how we will install your roof. Our team always considers the project size and the type of roof best suited for the structure and your budget.

  3. Approval

    We confirm all of the project details with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied. We can make changes around your personal preferences and answer questions before anything is started.

  4. Installation

    With your sign off, our highly trained experts are set to work installing your roof on the agreed time and budget. In the end, you’ll have a new roof that looks amazing and meets your exact needs.

Is polycarbonate roofing difficult to repair?

Over time, weather and storms can damage your roof, leaving it in need of maintenance, especially for roofs that have little to no protection.

Our repair services are designed to provide you with an all-around flawless experience. We aim is to have your roof repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible, while also ensuring that the issue at hand is efficiently fixed. We also provide roof replacement and re-roofing services.

Why Choose Us?

Our team works hard and effectively to ensure that we provide only the highest quality sheets, specially picked by our professional team. By doing this, we can help to ensure that we can provide high strength and durability for all of the sheets that we supply.

No matter the job you are working on, our experts can help provide you with an all-around tailored experience, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our services. We also offer a range of installation, and repair services for all types of roofs, all of which are designed to provide you with a flawless experience, leaving you completely satisfied no matter the size or price of the project. For the highest quality polycarbonate roofing solutions in Brisbane, give us a call at 📞0432 660 047.

Frequently asked questions about polycarbonate roofing Brisbane

Is this type of roof really worthwhile?

If you’re looking to enclose or protect an outdoor space, this unique material is an excellent choice. It is lighter weight than metal sheeting, requiring fewer structural elements to secure it in place. It also offers flexibility when it comes to light filtering, letting you choose how much of the sun you want shining down on you.

When it comes to maintenance, this material requires little upkeep compared to timber or metal which could be used instead. You won’t need to worry about rust or discolouration, and aside from some water, you need nothing to clean it with. And you can expect it to last for up to 20 years or more.

Can I install it on my own?

There’s a lot more to installing this type of sheeting as a roof or enclosure than you might imagine. For very small spaces or spans, you may be able to install it on your own, provided you have someone to help you, the right tools for cutting, and the proper sealants.

However, it’s always best to leave the installation to the professionals. You’ll want your decking awning, conservatory enclosure, or gazebo roof to last, and proper installation is key for this.

A professional contractor will check the pitch of the roof, the midspan supports, and the ventilation in line with the type of roof you select. The UV side must always be installed facing up and outward. There are also techniques to ensure overhangs are accommodated, buckling is prevented, and managing side laps.

Does polycarbonate roofing really hold up in harsh outdoor conditions?

You might think that a plastic roof wouldn’t stand a chance against heavy rain, hail, or even snow. However, these panels are designed to take on the full force of the elements. Most roof panels are warranted for at least 20 years, and homeowners find that in many instances, their panels last for much longer. They’re even considered to be more durable than tile shingles.

How well does this type of protect from the sun?

If you’re using this as a roof over a deck or in a gazebo, you’ll want your family and friends to be shielded from harmful UV rays. The great news is that this material can come with a UV resistant coating. Not only will they protect you, but the coating will preserve the actual roof material for much longer. UV rays are known to cause cracking and discolouration, but UV resistant coatings extend the life of your panels instead.

How customizable are polycarbonate panels?

While you’ll pay a bit extra, you can order custom panels to fit any shape or accommodate any thickness you need. You can also get polycarbonate in any number of colours or transparency levels, allowing you to coordinate design elements and allow as much (or as little) light in as you want.

Can you use this material in place of glass?

Yes, and it is a much cheaper and more durable option compared to glass, too. You can install this material on the sides of a gazebo (as well as the roof) to create an enclosure and control the privacy you’d like with coloured or translucent options. If you want a glass-look roof over your deck or entryway, crystal-clear polycarbonate can give you the same effect. In some cases, this option is even used in skylights.

Does polycarbonate roofing bend to fit a curved shape?

This material is as flexible as it is durable, and your installer can bend this roof to fit the curve of a roof for a custom design. They’ll need to understand the limitations of the material though since there are recommendations around minimum and maximum bending radii as well as the direction of the sheeting compared to the curve you want.

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