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While most modern roofs are built to last for decades, older homes and businesses may find themselves with roofs that are worse for wear. As tempting as it might be to put off a metal reroofing project, leaving deteriorating materials on top of any structure can result in more damage and expense in the future.

Metal reroofing is a great opportunity to safeguard and upgrade your property. The materials are long lasting, durable, and even have curb appeal. Considering this type of in Brisbane can help lengthen the life and quality of your home for a lifetime.

Whether you have an existing tin, steel, or tile roof today, a licensed professional can swap out your old materials for modern ones.

We have direct experience replacing existing roof systems with high-quality materials that are built to last. And with our additional six-year workmanship warranty, you can have confidence in your new roof.

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How to determine whether you need metal reroofing

Homeowners are often prompted to reach out to a contractor when they notice that their roof is starting to fade. This aesthetic issue can certainly be an indicator that your roof is beginning to suffer from the elements, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a brand new roof.

More importantly, you should look for signs that the roof material is truly deteriorating. Without an impermeable shield, your home or business can start to take on water, mould, and even insects or critters. Here are a few of the signs to look for:

1. Leaks

Fasteners and screws on your roof can become damaged or deteriorate, creating water issues for your property.

2. Corrosion

Rust and wear can mean the protective layer on your roof have been compromised, leaving the substructure at risk.

3. Growth

Signs of mould, mildew, fungus, and plant matter build up mean there is trapped moisture.

4. Staining

A proper roof should be impenetrable, so staining on ceilings or structural elements can mean there’s been a breach.

5. Lift

An existing roof should have flat panels firmly attached, so if they are lifting or curling, your home is no longer sealed off.

6. Gaps

Missing panels or tiles that leave gaps in coverage are a clear indicator that, at minimum, your roof needs repair.

How long does metal reroofing in Brisbane take to complete?

Most professional contractors can give you a completely new metal roof in just 2-3 days. It can take a bit longer if there are delays due to the weather since they will only be able to do the work without rain or high winds.

The condition of the existing roof may also come into play here. Once the contractor removes the existing materials, they’ll want to check and prep the substructure before putting down the metal reroofing. If there is damage to what’s below, they’ll need time to repair it properly so your roof lasts as expected.

How much does metal reroofing cost in Brisbane?

While metal reroofing might not be an option if your roof is in poor condition, you’ll still want to know what you can expect to spend. It’s important to ask a licensed contractor for a quote specific to your home or business. However, it can cost an average of $7,000-10,000 on a roof sized 140 square metres.

The average costs outlined in the below table include materials and installation labour.

Material Average Cost per Square Metre
Steel $50-60
Aluminum Zinc $50-70
Copper $170-180
Colorbond Corrugated Iron $50-80
Colorbond Powder Coated Roof $70-100

What to look for in a metal reroofing contractor

This is definitely a job for the pros. You might notice the damage or deterioration on your roof, but that’s no place for a homeowner or business owner to try to chip in. Instead, call around to a few licensed and insured metal reroofing Brisbane contractors and request estimates specific to your home, its current conduction, and the solution you want instead.

Don’t be shy when it comes to quizzing a potential service. You’ll want the best when it comes to your home. Make sure to speak up and ask these questions before choosing a contractor:

  • How many years have you been in business?
  • Do you have experience with the particular roof I want?
  • Where can I see customer testimonials about your service?
  • Do you handle all waste removal and is there an extra charge?
  • What workmanship warranties do you include for your projects?

Why Choose Us

Whether you need your roof repaired, restored or replaced, our experts in Brisbane can help. No matter the condition of your roof, we have the expertise to give you the best metal reroofing around.

We’re not only experienced roofers, but we are also certified, licensed, insured, and highly trained. We offer superior solutions using only Australian-made products. If the product is not good enough to be utilised on our property, we will never use it on yours!

If you think you want to explore roof replacement and repair services in Brisbane, give us a call at 📞0432 660 047 or fill out our free quote request. We cover many locations in the area including:

  • Alderley
  • Ascot
  • Ashgrove
  • Aspley
  • Brisbane
  • Boondall
  • Bracken Ridge
  • Bridgeman Downs
  • Carindale
  • Carseldine
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  • Hamilton
  • Holland Park
  • Indooroopilly
  • Kedron
  • Taigum
  • Virginia
  • Yeronga
  • Zillmere



Frequently asked questions about metal reroofing Brisbane

Is metal reroofing of project worth it?

Faced with this type of project, you can’t go wrong with choosing a metal roof. The benefits are numerous, the first of which is the peace of mind you’ll have with a solid and secure roof in place. This type of roof is the most popular option in Brisbane, largely due to its durability. Spend once, and you’ll have a roof that could even outlast your time in the home. Other benefits include:

  • Insulation: It is great at reflecting heat, especially in lighter colourways.
  • Warranty: Most roofs come with a 30-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Resistance: It can resist wind, snow, rain, hail, and even fire.
  • Flexibility: Installation on even the flattest roofs is no problem with this material.
  • Value: This is an investment in your home that is sure to show a return.

What is the best time of year for this project?

If your roof needs of work, it’s best not to put it off for long. That said, peak seasons tend to be the summer months, so you may find that some contractors change their rates at that time. As long as the weather allows for safe and dry access to your roof, you can have this service done any time of the year.

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes, and in more ways than one. Many metal sheets are made with up to 60% recycled material, which helps keep waste out of landfills. Most contractors also do their best to recycle as much of the old roof as they can to cut down on waste. Metal reroofing in Brisbane also further insulates your home, so you can cut down on electricity usage.

How long will my new roof last?

The metal roof will add longevity that other materials, such as tiles, simply do not have. Warranties tend to cover 30 years, but the roof can last for much longer. In many cases, with a proper upkeep and perhaps a few minor repairs along the way, the roof can last between 60-70 years.

Do I have to worry about roof penetration?

With a professional installer, you should not need to worry about this. Of course, the roof will be cut and installed around vents, pipes, or other protrusions on your roof. Any small gaps between these conduits and the sheeting will be properly sealed to keep out water and pests. This is usually done with sealants, flashing, and/or silicon Dektites.

Is this a good option in cyclone-prone areas?

In some cases, there’s just no stopping the strength of a cyclone. If you live in a cyclone-prone area, your home may be rated with a wind classification. Be sure to discuss this with your installer, since they may use additional or different tie-downs between battens, rafters, and trusses or bolster the roof structure before setting your new metal panels in place.

So if you’re looking for metal reroofing near you – give us a call on 📞0432 660 047. We cover so many locations including:

We promise affordable solutions with a 7-year warranty on labour and materials. Call on 📞0432 660 047 to experience the difference of our expertise!.

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