Without a solid, insulated and water-tight roof, your home can fall prey to leakage, damage or exposure to the elements.

Your roof isn’t something you check everyday—but you should look for possible signs of wear and tear when possible.

But, as a Brisbane home or business owner, how do you know when your home needs to be re-roofed?

Well, as one of Brisbane’s leading experts, we’re going to tell you right now.

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Signs your home might need re-roofing: an expert’s view

Sometimes. It’s better to repair a roof rather than replace it. If you spot minor blemishes, breaches or damage, a professional repair is the most convenient and cost-effective option.

But, if you spot any of these early signs, it’s likely that your home needs to be re-roofed:

  • Excessive mould or moss growth on your external roof
  • Signs of water damages on ceilings or upper walls
  • Light clearly coming through sections of your roof
  • Sagging sections of your roof and lots of loose roof tiles
  • More debris in your gutters than usual
  • Regular loft or attic leaks
  • Falling debris or mortar

It’s true that some of these symptoms can be repaired with a professional touch. But, if these issues are persistent or excessive, it could well be time for a new roof.

If you leave it too long, these issues will get worse and your home will suffer immense internal damage, some of which will come at a significant cost to repair.

I’m concerned about my roof: what should I do?

If you’re concerned about your roof in any way, the best thing you can do is act fast. As we said, the longer you ignore the issue, the more costly and time-consuming replacing or repair your roof could be.

That said, you should take note of the specific issue and get in touch with a local professional who can help offer you expert guidance.

We offer re-roofing services for every kind of home or business. Our professionals have seen and done it all—no job is too big or too small. And, in most cases, you can stay in your home while your roof is being replaced.

The benefits of using our team for your roof

  • We are experience and fully certified specialists
  • We offer a 7-year industry-best warranty on all of our projects
  • We use only the highest quality materials
  • We boast excellent prices and strive to offer our customers the best value for money

So, if you need the services of an expert near you, call us on 0432 660 047 or fill out the form for a fast free quote. We look forward to helping you.