Trust your reroofing project to nobody but the best that Brisbane can offer with these simple, time and money-saving tips.

Roofing is one of those things critical to your home or business that you probably think little (to none) about until something goes wrong.

So when cracking, build up, or dreaded leaks start to make themselves known, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best reroofing service in Brisbane to make the troubles disappear.

While some roofs can be repaired, reroofing is a key option for aging roofs that continue to present challenges or problems. Warning signs like curled or cupped shingle edges and even missing panels or shingles can indicate larger problems that reroofing can solve at prices that might just surprise you.

That said, cost isn’t everything (though it’s certainly important), and there are other factors involved in finding the best service for the job.

Let’s break down the most important criteria right now.

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Top criteria for choosing the best reroofing company

So where do you start when comparing roofing companies in Brisbane and around the surrounding suburbs?

After all, they’re probably going to start with very similar sales pitches. What can you use to determine who is really the best? There are actually a few critical components you can look into to guide your way here.

1. Experience

New to the market roofers might be willing to lowball prices to win the job, but the one who stands to lose is you if you go with someone who is less than experienced with reroofing. This is a nuanced home improvement task that should not be left to up and comers. Reroofing is more than just slapping on new shingles or sheeting and calling it a day. The entire roof must be stripped down, the substructure checked, wrapping and sealing completed, and then new roofing installed according to agreed on design as well as building codes.

2. Materials

All roofing materials are not created equal. To start with, there are different types ranging from asphalt shingles all the way to metal sheeting. You’ll want to contract a reroofer that is highly experienced with the type of roof you have selected for your installation. If they haven’t worked with a material much, if at all, then you’ll want to look elsewhere. It’s also important to find out what warranties are included on the materials that you choose so you are clear from the start on what is covered, and what is not.

Re-roofing may include:

3. References

Don’t go it alone in choosing the right roofer for the job. Ask around and see who else has used a particular contractor. Word of mouth can tell you a lot about whether a roofer will be a good fit for your project. You’re going to want to trust your project to someone reliable who does efficient, effective, high-quality work. Be sure to ask for references and to see a gallery of images or portfolio if they have one available so you can be familiar with the exact kind of workmanship you can expect to receive.

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4. Quotes and warranties

Warranties are so important when it comes to roofing, we’re mentioning them again. Keep in mind that there are two kinds of warranties you can expect to talk about with a roofer: material and workmanship. The material warranty will be dictated by the manufacturer and covered as long as they are installed according to specifications by a licensed and insured roofer. Workmanship warranties, however, are not always offered. Be sure to ask about this and whether there are any conditions involved. Don’t choose a contractor who won’t stand by their work by offering some sort of guarantee.

Essential questions to ask a roofer before you get started

Essential questions to ask a roofer before you get started

With a short list of roofers on hand and an idea of what you want your project to look like in the end, you’re ready to start interviewing people for the job. We’re already stated the top criteria you should look for, so these questions should come as no surprise:

  • “How many years of experience do you have doing this kind of work?”
  • “Do you oversee reroofing projects in my area?”
  • “What materials do you offer for roofing projects?”
  • “How much experience do you have working with these materials?”
  • “Can I see a portfolio of your past projects?”
  • “What customer references can I chat with?”
  • “Do you offer workmanship warranties?”

From there, you’ll have narrowed your list down even more, but the questions don’t have to stop. You’ll probably be at the point where it makes sense to start asking budget questions and asking for pricing. Find out whether there are fees for quotes or estimates and what the terms are for getting started. Accurate pricing from the start is important and can encompass more than just materials.

  • “What roofing types do you specialise in?”
  • “Which brands do you provide materials for?”
  • “Do you offer design consultation services?” 
  • “Do your prices include materials and labour?”
  • “Is your team on staff or outsourced?”
  • “What measures do you take for proper material disposal?”

How to decide whether reroofing is worthwhile in the first place

Many homeowners will waffle a bit about whether or not to move forward with reroofing at all. Can’t a roof just be repaired over and over as needed? To a certain extent, you can just go with roofing repair, but the costs are going to start to mount over time. Repairs are good for damage that isn’t the result of long-term wear and tear, such as a broken panel as a result of a tree branch hitting the roof in a storm.

Reroofing is optimal when the entire roof is starting to slowly degrade, leaving you to have to continually patch, replace, or otherwise put an end to damage and leaks. Here are the biggest signs you should go with a reroofing job rather than call out for sporadic repairs:

  • Water damage and leaks
  • Sagging ceilings or internal signs of water
  • Decaying roofing
  • Missing or broken panels
  • Dark streaks of algae or visible moss
  • Curling shingles
  • Damaged chimney flashing
  • Light streaks inside the home

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Choose Vincent Roofing for the best metal reroofing in Brisbane

Choose Vincent Roofing for the best metal reroofing in Brisbane

See those essential questions above for what to ask a potential roofer? Feel free to ask each and every one of those questions to the team at Vincent Roofing. We’re prepared with answers that we’re sure will show you we’re the best reroofing service in Brisbane. We have years of experience, specifically with metal roofing, overseeing new roofs, replacements, and repairs for homes and businesses across Queensland. And we back all of our work with a 7-year warranty so you never have to worry about quality or workmanship.

All of our team members are licensed, insured, and trained to work with the highest quality materials on the market, giving you a reliable new roof that will last for decades. We can help you pick the material and brand from Australian-made products that best suits your needs – and your budget – and offer fast free quotes so you know what things will cost clearly up front. Get started today with your reroofing project: call us on 0432 660 047!