Despite having a higher cost, a metal roof is still among the most durable roofing systems you can find in the market today. However, because it is known for its durability, a lot of people just assume that it’ll last for a long time even without any maintenance. The fact is, all types of roof will deteriorate at some point no matter the material used.

To keep it sturdy for as long as possible, you must have it professionally inspected regularly. After all, your roof is the first thing that shields you and your family from the hot rays of the sun as well as the pouring rain. It’s designed to withstand natural elements and as its owner, you must ensure that it remains strong.

So how do you know if your metal roof requires inspection, repair, or replacement? These are the two tell-tale signs that your metal roof is deteriorating.

#1 – Roof Leaks

The most common problem that you’ll face with metal roofs is roof leaks. Have you noticed a few drips from your roof when it’s raining? You might think that it’s not that big of a deal, but leaks can grow if left untreated. Once you notice your roof leaking, it’s best to have it checked by a professional right away.

What can a leaking roof result to? For one, it can potentially cause damage to the internal structures below your roof. This may include wiring as well as your ceiling. If the damage reaches this level, the repairs would certainly be more costly. You can check for leak signs even from inside your house.

Do you see any light coming through your metal roof? Any dark spots on the ceiling or walls? This may be caused by the water building up and soaking the plaster of your ceiling. If you find several areas inside your house showing dark spots or signs of water damage, that might mean that you need a roof replacement soon.

#2 – Rusting and Signs of Aging

Rusting and Signs of Agingv

Rusting and Signs of Aging

Aside from water leakage, another common problem with metal roofs is rusting. Even if your metal roof is made with high-quality steel, rusting is simply an unavoidable problem with metals. Most metal roofs are treated with a protective coating, but this coating may diminish over time. Plus, with exposure to harsh natural and environmental elements, corrosion is bound to develop.

Metal roofs are held together by metal fittings and fasteners. When exposed to water over time, these fasteners can corrode. Aside from these, also check your gutters for any signs of corrosion. If you spot any reddish-brown coating on exposed metal, that is most likely rust and indicates that that area has corroded.

Once you see these spots in several areas, then it’s certainly time to replace your metal roof. You can avail of professional metal roofing services that can address specific concerns. Sometimes you might only need to replace certain parts of the roof such as corroded fasteners. However, if the damage has grown too big, a replacement might be necessary.

If you need a professional roof inspection to properly assess the condition of your metal roof, we can provide that and more. Simply fill out this form for a fast free quote or call us at 0432 660 047 if you live in Queensland. We are also available for new roof installations (Colorbond, polycarbonate or zincalume) and re-roofing.

It’s best to inspect your roof regularly, give or take every six months, and have it professionally inspected every two years. If your house recently suffered from a storm, make sure to also inspect it for any damages once it’s safe to go outside. Don’t wait until huge damage has been done before you start being aware of the condition of your roof or else, it might be too late. Get ahead and have it inspected today.