You just might be surprised by how efficient this home-saving task can be. 

Roof replacement is a full-on home renovation project that many homeowners are loath to take on, but in many cases this comes from misunderstanding the process.

Roof replacement itself is actually a fairly efficient and effective process that will add life and a lot of value to your Brisbane home. Instead of putting it off or trying to extend the life of your existing roof with shoddy repairs and a little DIY flair, replacing your roof can actually be more cost effective, not to mention safer, in the end.

One of the biggest questions we get about roof replacement is how long it will take to complete. Homeowners are understandably worried about how long they’ll be disrupted in their home and whether there will be any impact to their daily life.

The great news is that roof replacements can be done fairly quickly given the right planning and when working with the best roof replacement provider.

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How to tell that you need a new roof

Another great question we get all of the time is how you can tell it’s time for a new roof. After all, it might make sense, for a while anyway, to patch up the one you have if the damage isn’t too bad.

Roofs made from tiles, asphalt, and slate, for example, might look great, but they are not designed to last for long periods of time. The Queensland weather and mother nature in general can wreak havoc on the singles, causing them to decay, break, warp, or curl. This, in turn, makes the substructure of the roof vulnerable to the elements and can cause things like leaks and mould to take root.

Here are just a few signs you might need your roof replaced:

  • Leaks
  • Damaged shingles
  • Mould
  • Algae
  • Loose granules

It’s also understandable that you might want to replace your roof if it is just simply starting to look bad. Signs of old, damaged, faded shingles make sense when the roof is over 12-15 years old. These might be indicators that not only does it look rough but it also isn’t as tough or resilient as you’ll need your roof to be for the coming years.

How long does roof replacement take?

So you’ve decided to replace your roof. Congrats! You’ll likely feel much more confident in the protection that your new roof will give you, plus it will look amazing to boot.

The great news is that you shouldn’t have to worry about workers on your roof making a racket for too long. While roof replacement timelines can vary depending on the size of the roof and the difficulty in accessing it, typical roof replacements just take 1-3 days. This includes everything including:

  • Removing the existing roof materials
  • Hauling away waste and debris
  • Checking the integrity of the substructure
  • Applying waterproofing materials
  • Installing the new roof

Keep in mind that the planning and scheduling process could add to your overall timeline by a few weeks. This is because you’ll need to work with a Brisbane roofing provider to choose the materials and design that best suit your home, then wait for the materials to come in and fit into the installer’s schedule. From start to finish, you can expect to have a new roof likely within a month of deciding to move forward and choosing a provider.

Why can’t I just repair the existing roof I have instead?

It’s possible that you might be able to, and that’s where working with a reputable QLD roofer comes into play. An honest company will do a full evaluation of your roof and make a recommendation for whether repairs and reroofing or replacement are the right choice.

In some cases, it’s possible to lay new shingles or panels over an existing roof, saving a bit of money in the process. In other cases, you might be able to patch or repair certain areas of the roof that have lost their integrity. Your roofer will let you know the implications of this, as well as evaluate the overall age of your existing roof. After all, you might not want to keep patching the same roof year after year, where the costs will add up, when you can put an end to the repairs and the hassle with a new, safe and sound roof.

How long will my new roof last?

The great news here is that your money and time will be well invested. Depending on the type of roofing materials you choose, your new roof could last anywhere from 15-70 years.

While asphalt shingles start to go between 15-30 years, options like metal roofing are more timeless and can last between 60-70 years or more without the need for major repairs. In fact, your roof is more than likely to outlive the standard 30-year warranty that comes with it.

Save time on your roof by working with Vincent Roofing

Roofing might not be one of the most exciting home improvement projects on your list, but it is one of the most vital to your home. Protecting your home with a solid, durable, long-lasting roof is an investment that you simply can’t overlook.

Thankfully, these projects are not overly time consuming for homeowners. You don’t even need to be home when the work is being done in most cases. Simply select your new roofing material with your chosen provider and allow them to manage the process and project for you. You’ll have a new roof that looks amazing in no time.

For a roof that looks great and lasts for decades, call on the team at Vincent Roofing. We’re experts in all things roofing with a specialisation in metal panels and installations. We’re confident that we can fabricate the roof that you need at a price you can afford. Our team is highly professional and places an emphasis on customer service, so you never have to worry about your project status.

We also back all of our work with a 7-year workmanship warranty on top of the warranty that comes with your roofing materials. With us, you can rest assured that you’ll have a safe and sound roof for decades to come.

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