Colorbond roof is a wonderful way to enhance the value of your home and increase its appeal. The roof itself is made of metal, which automatically means it is strong and durable. Which is why they are becoming so popular in Brisbane and numerous other areas.

While tiles are technically cheaper, it could cost you more in the long run, as they are not as thermally efficient in comparison.

This is a popular choice for Brisbane residents for numerous reasons. 11 of these reasons are outlined below.

#1 – Range of Colors

It is available in a range of different colors (as the name suggests). This helps, as the customer can choose from a range of different colors to match their home. It allows the customer to retain more control over the design,

#2 – Range of Styles

Not only does it allow a diverse range of colours, you may also choose from a diverse range of textures and styles. There are many different materials to work from, giving you more freedom in terms of price, look, and durability.

#3 – Superior to Acrylic

Acrylic paint can result in overheating in the hot Australian climate. This material has an advantage in that it is designed to keep your house cool.

#4 – Durability

Related to the above, the heating tends to be more durable. Deterioration of roofs can occur due to overheating, an issue that Colorbond roof does not suffer from. It lasts longer as it is made from stronger material.

#5 – Design

Colorbond roof simply looks awesome. It has a sleek look and feel to it. The appeal of a roof plays a large role in how the house is valued. Because of its lightweight nature, it offers increased spanning capability. You need less columns to hold up your home. The end result is a more versatile space.

#6 – Increase in House Value

Because of the strength and durability of Colorbond roof, it can increase the value of your home. It lasts longer and looks better. The increased insulation will also offset other problems, such as damp and mold, which could cost you down the line.

#7 – Little Maintenance

There is very little maintenance in Colorbond roofs. This is because the design is strong and it is made of heat resistant materials.

#8 – Insulation

Because Colorbond roof is so thermally efficient, it is perfect for the purposes of insulation. In both the summer and winter, it can insulate your home from extremes.

#9 – Easy Install

This type of steel comes in large sheets (100 meters and above). It is simple to move them to a construction site and to place them on top of structures.

#10 – Environmentally Friendly

Metal is 100% recyclable. It’s easy to transport. And it also means there is less on-site wastage in comparison to other materials.

#11 – Waterproof

It has an advantage over tiles as the water flows off (in tiles the water can get trapped in certain areas).

Should I Use Tiles or Colorbond?

For the past century, most houses in Australia have been made from tiles. But in recent years, it is now closer to 50/50. The fact is that tiles do not provide the same level of insulation in comparison. This means you lose heat in the winter and your house warms in the summer. The end result is a fat electricity bill each month.

Colorbond is more durable, more environmentally friendly, longer-lasting, easier to maintain, and more thermally efficient. The only issue is that it tends to be noisier. While many people like the sound made as rain hits the metal, other people can find it irritating. Also, in certain instances, tiles might be easier to remove if you are renovating or building an extension.

But all things considered, Colorbond seems to be a superior choice in comparison to tiles. Which is why their popularity has been on the rise in recent decades. While tiles are cheaper, they work out to be more expensive as you will have increased heating costs and will need to get more insulation due to the lack of thermal efficiency.

Where to Get Colorbond Roof in Brisbane?

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